Rebecca, a 24-years-old computer engineer from Brazil has made the internet fell in love with her bridal photoshoot. She came up with the idea one week before her wedding while looking into some pictures of brides with their gang of girls, laughing, chilling, posing, pouting, and hugging with cheers of Champaign and she got sad that she will not be able to taste that joy.

But Rebecca had not lost her hope and she invited her bros to fill the gap and it was real fun .Rebecca said “The photoshoot was super fun. Everyone was taking shots of cheap booze and sometimes we were laughing so much that we had to take some time to recover and go on with the photos.”

Rebecca’s bridal shoot pictures become so viral that everyone fell in love with her cute and comical pictures.

She was actually one of the four women out of 60 students in her class. So it’s common that during her graduation she didn’t have a pool of girl friends to have fun with and hence gained a very few friends. But still no problem she actually has left all the previous bridal shoots behind with her fantastic idea and her brothers made her day .Internet is encouraging it to engage your brothers like this.